Ten Thousand Leaves - part 1

by chair house

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-- To fill minds of all the people with "Gentleness" --

## new bonus coming: July 12, 2015
original piano scores of "Kohi" and "Watashi no kokoro"

Piano Space Odyssey 2036..

Through my internet music activities, I clearly perceived the meaning of my existe
My mission is to create gentle, calm, peaceful, beautiful, relaxing piano music and share them with all human being.

listener's voices ( thanks!! )

*** by MikaraM ***
These piano pieces are the most relaxing and beautiful music I've listened to in a long time. Being a lover of pure piano, I can listen to this music all day. I hope there are more to come

*** by quiltingpeace ***
Beautiful, peaceful, wonderful! I use it as a background for meditation. Can't thank the artist(s) enough for bringing such beauty to me.

*** by Jtcmposr ***
after having a difficult day today, this is just what I needed - thanks for sharing :-)

*** by Adam Greczkowski ***
I'm simply in love with this piece. I downloaded it already has over fifty plays. Thank you for sharing this. It is incredibly striking and inspiring.


Introductions to Gentle & Beautiful Pure Music in This Album

01: Watashi no Kokoro : #0005 ( My Heart )
- Most popular music in pttl. Lovely, light, windy and beaufitul piano performance.
- Truly beyond words. This notes will fly forever, Wounderful touch on piano.

02: Kohi : #0002 ( Love )
- The word "Kohi" is from ancient Japanece word from the original Ten Thousand Leaves.
- It means "love". Beautiful, Sincere, Lovely, Calm and Full of quiet thoughts..

03: Sothis Dior : #0144
- Fully flexible, serene and calm piece. You can easily enter this gentle atmosphere.
- This music experience relaxes your mind at once. Please love this moments..

04: April Lady : #0126
- Beautiful music for a lady under the forest of cherry blossoms in full bloom.
- Creative and intelligent piano play leads your mind to the illusion world..

05: Full of Stars: #0226
- Fantastic aerial world with full of stars: Absolute beauty and silence rule everything.
- This piece eases your mind calmly.. You can fly through full of stars and refreshed..

06: Tranquil Heart : #0112
- Do you remember the first encounter with the important person to you?
- This piece surely reminds you of the moment, your precious moment..

07: Ennui Afternoon : #0209
- Calm time stream in the Afternoon scene.. Your gentle mind feeling..
- Pls enjoy freely tempo and beautiful melody in subtle and profound world..

08: Perfecta Femme : #0092
- Loving mind is perfectly included in this tune. Your love mind, gentle mind..
- You will return to be in love instantly.. Great sound-space experience.. Enjoy this..

09: Sweetest Moment : #0191
- Fantastic and Nostalgic beautiful tune.. Most precious memory will be reminded of..
- Simple but gentle and calm sound experiences you will have.. supreme moment..

10: Harmonia on Melancholy : #0133
- Deep and Calm your heart of yearning for the important person is to be uncovered now.
- The most gentle tune in this album.. Beautiful story you will find in this nice sound world.

11: Stellar Pedestrian : #0221
- This heavenly calm tune had come down to me. Every note is the crystal of beauty..
- Being led by stellar lights, you can walk around this precious profound world,

12: Portrait of You : #0182
- Ultimately Nostalgic Piano Music.. Like orthodox piano piece, it flows calm and steadily.
- Reminding you of supreme experiences, this tune easily fills your mind with happiness.

13: Just wanna let you know : #170
- A Beautiful piece with the Romantic phrase of the first part. Calm and Gentle minds..
- You can easily feel the subtle and profound stage of the calm mind. Pls enjoy it...

14: Tayutau : #001
- Starting with absolutely beautiful theme, creative and intelligent music flows freely..
- This tune brings your mind to the actual fantastic world and fully relaxes you..


I'm running "Piano Ten Thousand Leaves(PTTL)" project in Soundcloud. 
This album has 14 tunes sorted out from 227 tunes that I uploaded from Feb. 2nd , 2014 to Aug. 3rd, 2014 for PTTL.

I think This 6% distillation process makes precious album. 
I would appreciate it if you would love these tunes.

And I'm still running the project. I upload a tune every day.
My target number is 4,536 tunes.
pls come to the project and enjoy if you like...


released April 19, 2015

all piano improvisations and illustrations by chair house



all rights reserved